The workshop

The workshop* is part of the Art-house with museum “The dolls” and a favorite place for the children. A group lesson takes place every Saturday with materials provided by The House. In the weekdays there are individual workshops and Art-kindergarten. This is a possibility for you to leave the children to create something and have fun, so you can finish some important tasks. @@@

In the creativity hall/room the kids make unique dolls and souvenirs guided by their imagination. And not only! The motto of the team is : “The hands follow the heart!”. Applied art? Develops fine motor skills and artistic self-confidence in children, touching them to the world of art and beaty.

The group size varies from 6 up to 10 kids so everyone of the participants can get their attention. Kids younger than 5 years require mandatory parent presence. You should book a lesson day or two in advance. It is possible to buy a voucher for several visits of the Workshop, which lowers the price up to 40%. The topics of the dolls, souvenirs etc. which you will fabricate are compliant with the kids wishes and with the closest Bulgarian Holidays.
Except for kids, there is an adult Workshop too. Lessons are organized if the group reaches a minimum of 5 people.

Bying a voucher earns you a discount up to 45%

2 visits – 35.00 lv.
4 visits – 60.00 lv.
6 visits – 78.00 lv.
8 visits – 96.00 lv.
Give the kids an unforgettable experience!
The lessons are organized every Saturday or on individually booked date and hour.
Duration – 75-90 minutes.