Summer vacation at the Art house with museum
Summer vacation at the Art house with museum
Dates: 5th June – 15th August, 9.30 - 17.00, Mon – Fri
Semi day/ full day shift

Week 1: Ethnographic regions
Week 2: Play and Study
Week 3: Tales from Around the World
Week 4: Animals and Plants

Every day: arts workshops, sports, entertaining and logic games, applied arts, painting, theatre plays, keeping a personal diary, rest in our patio garden.

More topics:
Entertaining biology: Herbs in Bulgaria, rivers, mountains, animals. Drawing on stone, “Sea fairy” display wall, flower accessories, herbal air freshener, dolls with plant seeds etc.
Bulgarian Folklore: Ethnographic regions: Shopi, Thracia, Dobruja, Rhodope etc. Bulgarian folkdances and traditional costumes. Grandma’s knitting models. Rugs.Postcards with Bulgarian embroidery.Working with felt fabric.

Colours of the Rainbow: What colours symbolize. Every day dedicated to a colour – making of a Red Riding Hood, Seahorse, Lavender bag, Sunflower.

Tales from around the world: the Balkans, Japan, India, Russia. World’s traditional dances, arts, souvenirs. Making of a Venetian mask, Russian doll matryoshka etc.

Information and phone for booking: 0899 16 29 91, 0878 707 166,
0888 86 09 34

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…Even your guests receive a present!

Art hall
In the art hall the children make unique dolls and souvenirs led by their imagination. Applied arts develop their fine motor skills and confidence as artists; they lead them to the world of art and beauty.